Fruity Breakfast Crumble


If someone told me that it’d be acceptable for me to eat crumble for breakfast, I’d laugh. But what if I told you that you actually could?! Traditionally made with a lot of butter and sugar, crumble doesn’t seem like the most sensible breakfast choice, but by making a few tweaks and removing the added sugar, it becomes a nutritious breakfast that feels deliciously indulgent.

Nutty Maple Granola

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I adore granola.  There’s just something about the crunchy nuttiness paired with refreshing yogurt that’s just so comforting. Unfortunately, shop bought granola is absolutely packed full of sugar and isn’t really as healthy as it makes out to be, so I decided that I’d start making my own- totally refined sugar-free!

Baked Cookie Dough Oatmeal


Some mornings a bowl of porridge just doesn’t cut it, and all you want is warm cookies (if this isn’t you, there’s something wrong!)  Giving into the cookie cravings, I decided to make chocolate chip cookie dough inspired baked oatmeal, and let me tell you, it was the gooiest, sqiudgiest warm cookie dough that I’ve ever eaten!

Healthier Hobnobs

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I absolutely love biscuits, they’re probably my biggest weakness- if open a packet I can never just have one! Knowing that my love for the delicious crumbly yumminess isn’t likely to subside any time soon, I decided to make some biscuits that I could eat pretty much guilt free.

Pimp my Porridge – 5 Tasty Breakfast Ideas



As you may have noticed by my blog name, I LOVE porridge, I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could!  Yet, and it pains me to say this, I have met a lottttt of porridge haters, describing it as bland, stodgy and even offensive, I mean come on guys, it’s really not that bad!

I haven’t specified quantities of milk or oats, as everyone has different portion sizes and I don’t feel it would be inappropriate to put certain amounts and make people compare their breakfasts! You can play around with amounts until you find something that suits you.

So, whether you’re a porridge hater waiting to be converted, or you just fancy switching things up a bit, I’ve come up with my five favourite porridge toppings to make your mornings a little more tasty.