Cardiff HM Training Diary – Week 3

Fitness, running

“Trust your intutition.  You don’t need to explain or justify your feelings to anyone, just trust your own inner guidance, it knows best.”


Sometimes, having a training plan is the best thing in the world.  It gives you the motivation to get up and go, whether it’s sunny, whether it’s raining, whether you’d rather be tucked up watching a film. As I’ve said in previous posts, I felt lost without a plan, I didn’t feel like there was an end goal or anything pushing me to better myself, so I’ve loved having Cardiff HM as a motivator.

This week has taught me, however, that a training plan is not the be-all and end-all, it’s simply a guide. Monday was supposed to be a hard swim session and yoga class, but barely having the energy for my yoga class, I decided to just do 500m easy to get my body moving instead of the pyramid session I had planned.  Sunday had a 10 mile run pencilled in, but with my boyfriend staying I decided that I’d rather spend the day hiking with him and moved my long run to the beginning of the next week.  In each instance, whether it was a decision for my physical well-being or my emotional well-being, I broke away from the plan.  While I am aiming for a PB in Cardiff, I don’t want the training to become something that I feel that I HAVE to do, I want it to be something I chose to do because I enjoy it, and allowing myself to be flexible means that I’m not pushing myself to do things that I don’t want to, or that my body is advising against. While it’s hard to begin with, allowing yourself to say ‘no’ sometimes gives your body the break it needs and you the control over the training, and not letting it control you.




X-TRAINING- Yoga and swim – 1 hour of yoga, stretched me out beautifully, but felt very low energy.  25 minute swim, 500m steady freestyle – having felt fatigued during yoga, I cut the 1k pyramid session and used the swim as recovery after Sunday’s 9 miler, nice and steady just to get the blood flowing.


TEMPO-INTERVAL RUN – 56 minutes, 6.9 miles – 10 minutes steady pace (around 8:20/mile) 5x 3 minutes hard (around 7:00/mile) with 2 minutes jog recovery, 20 minutes steady pace to finish.  I literally flew round this tempo! Last week I felt like I could have pushed harder than 7:20/mile for the interval reps and decided to see what I could do, turns out I’m capable of more than I thought!


REST DAY – aka eating day!


STEADY TRAIL RUN – 56 minutes, 6.5 miles, 8:43/mile – I went off-road for this run and I loved it! Found some trails down the canal and decided to see where they would take me.  I ran wearing my watch but without checking for pace and naturally fell into a comfortable rhythm.  It was freeing running ‘naked’ as I was able to simply enjoy the new route and not worry about hitting any times.


PACE-RUN – 45 minutes, 6.01 miles, 7:33/mile –Friday’s have become my fast effort mid-length run.  I went out aiming to run for about 10k/50 minutes and let my body do the work.  Again I tried not to check my watch and ran by feel.  It was hard, but I felt strong!


RECOVERY RUN – 29 minutes, 3.6 miles, 8:16/mile –  I usually aim to do my recovery run at around 9:30/10:00/mile, but I bumped into a friend and we ended up running along and chatting, and I didn’t realise how much we’d sped up! The first 2 miles were 8:00/mile, so for the last 1.5 miles, I tried to slow the pace right down.


REST DAY – As I said above, I decided to take today as an impromptu rest day and went walking instead. After a slightly harder recovery run than usual and other plans, it felt like the most sensible thing to do.  I have moved my 10 miler to Tuesday and switched up the coming week’s training days!


A nice easier week to get me ready for a hard week coming! Then onto a full cutback week, only 12 weeks to go!


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