And So… The Adventure Begins

Fitness, running

“And suddenly… It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” Meister Eckhart.

12921010_10208043756565933_527665935_nThe final hill (you can see it in my face!) during my first half-marathon in May

Today, I start the first week of my 15 week half-marathon training plan and after pretty much 2 weeks off running (and pretty much doing nothing other than walking to the shops!) I’m a mixture of being excited to lace up my trainers again and nervous that it’ll be really hard to get back into the swing of running.

My plan is to cross-train once a week, do a tempo-interval session once a week and then three steady runs, one long run and a rest day.

Today was a nice easy start, I cross-trained with a yoga session, nothing strenuous, in fact quite the opposite (I almost fell asleep in Savasanah.. oops!), and it was the perfect session to ease me in slowly.  Tomorrow won’t be quite as gentle- I have a 6 mile run including 6 intervals at tempo interval pace.  I’m slightly worried that after all this time off that my body will not feel as comfortable running as it was, but I’m going to trust the journey, listen to my body and above all, enjoy myself!

12Strength doesn’t come from what you CAN do. It comes from overcoming the things you ONCE thought you couldn’t.”

Before my first half-marathon about 3 months ago, I never thought that distance running would be something I could physically do, let alone enjoy.  Yet, with each run I did, an amazing feeling grew inside me, I can only describe it as the amazing mix of endorphins and self-belief- every mile I added to my long run translated as a direct increase in confidence and the desire to run, run and run some more.  I was hooked.

Looking back over what I achieved in March at the  Hillingdon Half-Marathon, having never run more than 7 miles, with a base of 10 miles this time around, I have absolutely no reason to be worried about training for Cardiff.  The half-marathon distance and training schedule is no longer an unknown, it is something that I know that I can achieve, so this time, instead of aiming simply to run it, I want to beat my PB and enjoy it along the way.

QVLE8593My second home- I love the tranquility of pool sessions, and so do my legs!

I plan to run an increased weekly mileage training plan but I want to be more flexible with my training- I’ve said to myself that if I fancy a bike ride instead of a run or a swim instead of a yoga session that I can do just that.  Running for me is something that is supposed to be freeing, an opportunity to escape the schedule and rigidity of everyday, and I don’t want to get trapped in the cycle of feeling that I ‘have’ to run or I ‘can’t’ swim if I want to.

So, tomorrow morning’s run will mark the first of an exciting 15 weeks and I can’t wait to get my trainers on and get back out on the road!

Check back next week for my next training diary to find out how my first week of training went.


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